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Curriculum Support including PPA Cover

Our close knit team of education specialists can deliver the full range of your Physical Education curriculum activities. Our PPA service includes session plans for every session taught and half termly evaluation and assessments. Your school will also be assigned an Education manager who will meet regularly to ensure our programmes link in appropriately with your long term Physical Education plan and that our service remains to the highest possible standard.

Extra Curricular Programmes 

For full list of our range of activities available to you click on Sports & Activities

Lunchtime Clubs

Specialised Coaching during Lunch Time.

After-School Clubs

Normally run for an hour 3.30pm until 4.30pm. These Clubs give pupils the chance to further develop their skills in an activity outside school hours. All pupils participating in After School Clubs receive a medal, and trophies are given out in the final week’s presentation to outstanding performers.

The most popular After-School Activities include Football, Athletics, Cricket & Gymnastics where participants can achieve BAGA awards. We actively promote local sports clubs in the area to ensure that there is a healthy Schools to Clubs link.

Breakfast Clubs

Becoming more & more popular. Normally delivered from 8am - 8:50am. Pupils begin the day with Physical Activity, helping to stimulate them ready for the school day ahead.

The most popular Breakfast Activities include Multi-skills, Dance & Fitness Clubs