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Meet our Project Champion - Paul Venables


Before I joined JM sports coaching I just had a part time job in retail. Ever since I was in school I enjoyed leading sessions and decided coaching was the path I wanted to join. I completed my FA Level 2 then enquired about joining JM Sports Coaching as I heard they provide quality coaching and enjoyable sessions to infant and primary school children.

Once I joined JM I was welcomed with open arms by all the staff and fitted in straight away as an apprentice. I met some new people who were recently new on the apprenticeship programme who I can now call my friends. When I heard about the quality of sessions that where delivered to the children I wasn’t proved wrong as the senior coaches who led the sessions were fantastic. I learnt so much off them whilst they led different types of sports as I shadowed them during their sessions. I could then go on to use my self in future sessions.

So the apprenticeship I took up was an Activity Leadership Level 2 and I learnt about how my sessions should be structured, from planning, to risk assessing and health and safety of a session, different ways of communicating with colleagues and schools, behaviour management importance of looking professional and being punctual. The tutors who lead the course were really helpful with written work and leading sessions. They helped you improve as a coach by having the answers to all your problems.

So with everything I learnt I then started to lead my own sessions in lunchtime activities and extra-curricular activities. As time had gone and the more knowledge of coaching I had my confidence levels got higher, from being nervous in leading sessions too being extremely confident with communicating and being stricter with behaviour management.  

Once I finished the apprenticeship programme, my hard work of learning and extreme amount of effort was recognised by the senior coaches and the management which abled me to step up another level and start leading curriculum sessions. I felt great that I was recognised and it showed that by starting off as an apprentice and working hard can get you far.

Thanks to JM Sports Coaching management, coaches and tutors my plan now is to stay along the coaching path with JM where I intend to be a senior coach and a tutor for the company where I can help young coaches develop like I did myself to become an experienced and knowledgeable coach.

Sports Coaching Apprentice, Wirral